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Tanya Kell, C.T.Hom., R.S.Hom. (N.A.), CCH



Tanya began her study of homeopathy at the age of nineteen. It immediately sparked a keen interest that continues today. Throughout her years of study, the greatest gift she has received is the encouragement and friendship of her fellow students, practitioners, and teachers. She treasures the rewards of helping others to regain health and strive toward their greater potential. She finds homeopathy to be personally and intellectually challenging yet rewarding with its rapid, tangible removal of an infinite myriad of obstacles to positive life be they physical, emotional, psychological, or spiritual.

Her training includes completion of the course provided by the Pacific Academy of Homeopathy in San Francisco, California, as well as studies at ESSH with Vega Rozenberg. She has also attended seminars with Jeremy Sherr, Louis Klein, Misha Norland, Ananda Zaren, Jan scholten, Alize Timmerman, Robin Murphy, Rajan Sankaran, and many others. She has been certified as a Classical Homeopath by the Council for Homeopathic Certification and is the interim President of the North American Society of Homeopaths. She continues to be a student as well as a teacher and practitioner of homeopathy.